Big Yak Sticks Releases The YETI From Nepal


Nepal is an image of serene and green landscapes, popular for the breath-taking beauty of its sky-high mountain peaks, the clean rivers, and abundant trees and… yaks. That’s right! The Himalayan yaks are magical beasts that roam around, grazing the fresh grass and plants of the mountainous grasslands of the Himalayas. These yaks have never been exposed to man-made chemicals and hormones and the milk of these yaks is what’s used in producing the strongest cheese in the world!

The strength of this yak cheese is what’s makes it the ideal chewy treat to last long enough for your greedy canine baby. The numerous health benefits of Himalayan yak cheese is what makes these premium treats stand out in the animal food market.  After years of experiments, the perfect way to make Himalayan cheese got discovered and is now made through by combining valuable ingredients such as lime juice, Himalayan salt and yak milk. So, brace yourself to get your mind blown with YETI! Nope, not the mountain, we are talking colossal treats here. Made with all-natural ingredients, YETI is a 100% organic, contains low fat and low cholesterol along with high levels of protein. Could you even imagine enjoying all that protein in a treat that’s completely free from lactose?! Well, now you can. 

People assume healthy food has to taste bad and smell pungent. Well, we’re here to prove otherwise! Our treats are made from moisture-free cheese which is smoked through a natural process using hickory to not just make it yummy for your salivating buddies but also smell pleasant! The dehydration process not only makes your dog’s favorite treat last long but also stay fresh and promote healthy teeth and gums! The health benefits do not stop there; this cheesy chew contains glucosamine and magnesium to promote healthy joints and muscles of your best buddies to keep them playing and happy. Most dogs suffer from sensitivity issues when it comes to their guts, which is what makes these treats completely safe as they’re digestible and healthy. 

Dogs are the most affectionate and loving friends you could ever get and they deserve mountains of rewards and love just for being themselves and so YETI is what your creatures should get.