Why Yak Cheese is the Best Chew for Dogs


‘You are what you eat’ is what you like to remind yourself as you try to resist the temptation of unhealthy junk food. Just because poison might be delicious, doesn’t even make it worth getting ill and losing your good health. But did you realize the same rule applies to your furry buddy? Just like us, our dogs can end up falling sick when they’re not provided with the right kind of nutrition in balanced amounts. With the plethora of options presented by the pet-food market, it can be tricky for doggie moms and dads to decide what to buy for their babies. 

Well, no need to go sniffing around pet food aisles full of substandard pet food anymore because we gotchu covered!

Big Yak Sticks is bringing you the most appetizing health-conscious treats for your fur baby all the way from the mountains of Nepal. Hold on, this isn’t even the best part yet. The healthy food for your best buddy is not just any treats, they’re hickory-smoked cheese sticks derived from the milk of the very healthy yaks of Himalaya. Himalayan yak cheese is perfect for all kinds of dogs not just because we’ve infused it with mouth-watering flavors, but also because of its tremendous strength making it the strongest cheese in the world. The dry texture gives this special treat an added advantage as dry foods recommended by dog-health experts over wet food because it helps keep your good boy’s teeth and gum healthy, does not go stale easily and lasts long. 

This dehydrated treat is chewy, organic and has absolutely no bad odor. But we love dogs so much that we did not stop there. We asked our experts to infuse the doggie treats with two golden ingredients; Magnesium and Glucosamine. These ingredients significantly improve joint movement and flexibility, helps with joint pain and muscle spasms, making these cheese sticks perfect for your extra-large fur babies! Did we mention, these yummy treats are digestible because our experts prepared them to keep your dog’s sensitive gut in mind?! So, you keep your buddies busy and happy with their everlasting treat and we will make sure they live a long and healthy life. 

The endless benefits of this chewy treat are what your canine buddy deserves because let’s face it; we all know dogs are basically angels who were too goofy and wholesome for the heavens. So, we made sure your adorable buddies get the best of this world.