The YETI Stick is our largest dog chew weighing in over 12 ounces and 12 inches long. This long lasting dog chew uses the highest quality ingredients from our Yak ranch in Nepal. All of our dog chews are FDA and USDA approved giving you the piece of mind that our chews are not only digestible but certified to be safe for your dog. The YETI yak stick is ideal for all dog sizes and helps dog owners get a nice long break to work and relax while their dog chews on the YETI for hours.

Big Yak Sticks are made of certified organic yak cheese in Nepal known for being the strongest cheese in the world. If your large dog needs an all natural, low cholesterol chew to keep busy at home the YETI Yak cheese dog chew is exactly what you have been looking for. 

  • Length: 8 or 12 Inches
  • Flavor: All Natural
  • Material: Organic Yak Cheese
  • Origin: Solukhumbu, Nepal
  • Storage: 5 Years (aged options vary)
  • Contents: No Grains, Gluten, Preservatives